You’ve now had your horoscope completed and you’re now working with the information from the Astrologer. There are strengths and weaknesses to the chart. So you’re asking yourself, “now how do I fix it?” What can you do to fix it? Are there ways to increase strength or counter certain weaknesses? Yes, there is. Vedic Astrologers can achieve remarkable results in a very short time by using natural, untreated gems. Click here!

Gem therapy (or planetary gemstoneology) dates back thousands of years to ancient Indian, Greek and Egyptian cultures. Gems would be worn by men and women to enhance their potential and not for their financial worth. To expand their power throughout their kingdoms, Queens and Kings would wear gemstones in the crowns of their heads and on other parts. Gems were not only large and powerful, but they could also be worn by royalty to increase their influence throughout the kingdom. However, the vast majority of people still use gems for their beneficial effects.

The Indian scriptures “Vedas” provide the most accurate descriptions, scientific and practical knowledge on gemstones. These Sanskrit texts are sacred and contain detailed information about each gem’s potencies as well as instructions for prescribing them for medical and astrological purposes. Gems were used as a way to guide subtle forces of nature in ancient Vedic culture as well as other advanced cultures. Today’s technology also recognizes certain gem properties, such as quartz crystals, which are used to make timepieces, or diamonds that are being used for supercomputers and lasers. Vedic gem therapy has been used by more than one billion people to improve their health, spirituality, and mental well-being. This concept is only found in the west. However, there is little evidence that this science can be verified from ancient cultures. This science has been practiced in many Eastern countries for thousands years.

Vedic astrology is an ancient system that uses the fixed positions and constellations of stars and constellations to determine the planetary gemology or gem therapy. It can be used with the Vedic horoscop for gem prescription. This system is highly accurate in determining the strengths and weaknesses of a person, as wells as the current direction of one’s destiny for this life. The positions and karma of the planets at our time of birth are reflected in our past actions, as well as our experiences from previous lives. They represent the variety of energies in our universe. Each planet is responsible for a different form cosmic energy that is transmitted through the solar system. These energy transmissions are responsible not only for the creation of life, but also for our bodies and minds. The specific wavelengths of light that the sun and moon emit to the planets orbiting them are what keeps the solar system order. These energies are reflected as light.

Vedic astrology may also be known by the name “jyotish”, meaning “science and light”. There are seven primary visible cosmic rays from the seven major solar planets: Sun and Moon, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. The Moon’s north rays, Rahu, and the south nodes of the Moon, emit two invisible rays (ultraviolet, infrared), which are the seven fundamental visible cosmic rays. The signs and houses of the astrological hooscope are indications of the fields where the planetary energys interact and move. These rays allow us to see how our life experiences will unfold in this incarnation. It is possible to read the seeds from which a tree was grown and understand the quality of the birth. The karma will decide how our lives turn out. The planets will have inherent strengths in some areas of life and also weaknesses that could hinder our growth and indicate success.

Vedic astrology has a number of ways to improve the energy vibrations of certain planets. These energies can be used to bring harmony and balance to your life. They use sound vibrations like the chanting and enhancing specific wavelengths vibrations of light. This is the basis for gemstone therapies.

Different gemstones are given their potencies by the cosmic energies from different planets. Each stone has a different effect on the wearer. These gemstones, which transmit electromagnetic energy, have different effects depending on what stone they are. They do this through the absorption and reflection light frequencies. Certain effects are created when the electromagnetic energy emanating the gemstone interacts with the body’s electromagnetic energies. An analysis of the astrological charts (sidereal zodiac, equal houses system) by a professional astrologer or planetologist will help determine which gems should be used.

It can be extremely dangerous to randomly place gemstone crystals throughout the body if the practitioner does not have sufficient experience in this science. Gem crystals are extremely powerful. They can create electromagnetic fields that can be positively enforced by the body. However, they can also cause them to become unstable and have the opposite effect. This can cause mental and physical disabilities, so it is important to be careful when choosing and using gemstones. When a gemstone is used incorrectly, it can cause problems on both a subtle, astral, and physical level. If used correctly, they can provide a lift to our lives in many different ways.

After you have received a detailed analysis of the Vedic horoscope from a skilled and qualified astrologer (or planetary gemologist) they will typically recommend a gemstone that will benefit you throughout your life. The chosen gemstone/s will then be set in an ring, pendant, or necklace so that they touch the skin. This allows them the best transmission of electromagnetic energy (or frequencies of light) to the cells. The body’s electrolytes and ions are responsible for this. The chakra system in the ethereal bodies absorbs the cosmic colors through gems. Because the finger is home to many physical and emotional nerve centers, it’s the best place for gems. Gemstone therapy has brought about amazing changes in people’s lives. We have seen remarkable results.

Be aware that gems cannot be made synthetically and must be natural. Gems should not be heated or irradiated to enhance their appearance. This is the case with most gemstones in the jewelry trade. This means that you need to be certain that the gems purchased from your source are untreated and that they will provide proof of this. A jeweler may not tell a customer that a gemstone has been enhanced to enhance its physical beauty. However, this practice has been accepted in the gem and jewelry industry. Sometimes, we have to explain to customers that while the purchased gem may be beautiful and costly, it does not have the ability to transmit the planetary/cosmic energisms. It can only be used as a weaker version of color therapy. (The modern science and practice of color therapy derives its inspiration from ancient gemstone therapy. You do not need to spend a lot of money to acquire a gem that will produce the desired effects. Its value will never decrease, and the gem will continue to work for you for your whole life.